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Virtual programming has been on the rise, long before COVID-19 showed it's ugly face to the world. Virtual Programming is a great way to keep members engaged and healthy when coaches are not there to physically conduct class, or while your members are on vacation. Just because the coaches aren't in the room while actively coaching the members, doesn't mean the workouts have to suffer.

Have a full garage gym? Only have a couple of dumbbells and a jump rope? Want something you can pass on to your members? 

We rounded up some key players that are offering virtual programming on many different levels. They offer workouts direct to members or programming for your gym entirely. The list has got you covered every step of the way, regards of what route you want to take!

Note: if you're looking for free at home workouts from pro trainers & coaches. You can find it here.


HAM Plan

HAM Plan has been powering programmings for hundreds of CrossFit gyms for years. With some of the best coaches in the business, they have everything to meet your needs! At home, Masters,  Affiliate or even Competitors. Truly a one stop shop fro all your virtual programming needs! 

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Zeus Method

Nick Urankar has been at the top of CrossFit world for years now, and if you've ever wanted to take your programming a step further, then look no further. Nick is offering amazing CrossFit workouts at a low monthly cost both for the individual and for the affiliate, to help you or your athletes hit your fitness goals.

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Ferux Athlete

Courtney Donmoyer has been a mainstay in the CrossFit scene since 2012, while both coaching and competing at Regionals. Recently dipping her toe into the virtual programing world with Ferux Athlete delivering physique focused workouts with a CrossFit like feel directly to your phone for a low monthly cost, built with the garage gym in mind, it'll get you feeling just right with minimal equipment! 

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Paragon Training Methods

Laurie Christine King (LCK 👑) and Bryan Boorstein are offering up super affordable, physique-focused online workout programs delivered right to your phone that you can do from anywhere to look and feel damn good in just 30-60 minutes. Plus they are offering up an incredible massive free e-book of bodyweight or dumbbell only workouts for a limited time! 

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CHALK Online

Ryan Fischer is the definition of a savage, it could be his gnarly workouts, industry leading podcast or his #dudemeals, but he'll get you inspired to better yourself. Delivering brutal workouts for you or your athletes is his speciality. Want to be covered in a pool of sweat wondering what just happened? Check out his Sweat or Daily D workout programs!

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Street Parking

The OGs. Miranda and Julian Alcaraz arguably started the virtual programming scene for the individual athlete. The workouts started and still focus on being at home or in your garage with minimal equipment. They program for everything in between the dumbbells to a full gym set up, so you know you'll be covered!

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Virtual Programming Quick List:



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