Triibal Knowledge - 9/29/19

Triib Knowledge - System Updates - 9/29/19:

We had a bug part this week at Triib. We went out and squashed as many bugs as we could in one week. It was glorious!

The development team also made a solid progress on the Appointments feature that is slated to arrive in October. We also had some meetings about the new App, saw some screenshots and man...all we can say is BIG things are coming from Triib in the next few months!


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Want to read more about the new updates and fixes? Release notes can be seen below:

System Updates:

  • Fixed - Member Referral
    • We had an issue where when adding a member manually, and they were referred by someone, the referral would not populate on the active member report
  • Fixed - Attendance Pack on Member Profile
    • Corrected a display issue where a Personal Training pack would be purchased, but would also display an attendance pack on the members account
  • Fixed - Member Attendance Report - International
    • International gyms were struggling with the Monthly Attendance by Member - now it's all working correctly regardless of month selected!
  • Fixed - Monthly Overview - Drop-in
    • Fixed up an issue where Drop-ins were not displaying correcting on the Monthly Overview Report and had occasionally only shown zeroes
  • Fixed - Monthly Overview - Last Quarter
    • Corrected the Last Quarter calculations as on rare occasion it would only show last month, not last three months 
  • Fixed - Admin Store Checkout
    • Corrected a rare issue where clicking the Admin Store check out button would remove the items from the shopping cart
  • Fixed - Admin Plaid
    • Fixed up a rare issue where as an admin, adding a member's bank account through Plaid would result in an error and not connect the bank account

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