Triibal Knowledge - 11/17/19

Triib Knowledge - System Updates - 11/17/19:

The brand new Triib Appointments launched this week! 


We've been hard at work this week with a barrage of updates and fixes. With Appointments launched, we also wanted to make sure some additional pieces of the system got some love too! Below you'll find a nice, juicy, list of all things updated or corrected this past week at Triib.


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Want to read more about the new updates and fixes? Release notes can be seen below:

System Updates:

    • Appointments:
      • Added ability for admins/staff to book appointments in the past when booking from the admin platform
      • Fixed bug where admins could not complete payments with legacy packs
      • Made it so the submitting of a payment from the admin booked calendar popup worked correctly
      • Added scrolling to the Appointments → Booking → Availability so that gyms which set their entire day, with 15 minute increments, don' have a very long ugly section displayed.
      • Updated public booking page so only staff who have active and non-archived appointment sessions will appear on the public appointment listing.
      • A staff member can now use a legacy personal coaching package to 'pay' for a booked appointment.
      • Corrected an issue if an affiliate doesn't have any kiosk collections, they were not able to create any appointment type packages, saving the package would cause a 500 error.
      • Made an update where if somehow an affiliate was to set the staff cut or % amount to empty, it will not cause the duration adding to fail.
      • Fixed the ordering of the columns on the Legacy Appointment Package display under Appointments → Packages
    • System:
      • Corrected a 500 Error if a member tried to register for an event with a failing credit card
      • Resolved issue where the registration of a device for push notifications was not working correctly
      • Resolved issue where viewing member waiver form signature was not working
      • Fixed an issue causing the class size average report to crash when loaded
      • When charging a member's account from the admin store with 'charge card now', it was causing a double charge in Stripe, but a single invoice in Triib. This has been resolved.
        • This only affected, the charge now if the item was by itself (no memberships on the invoice) and if charged with a credit card
      • The free trial history report was crashing if there were no free trials found in the period of time searched
      • Fix the workout first release date available for a member so that they can see the workouts on the day that they sign up - it was including the time that they signed up to see if that was before the release time, which it almost never was
        • An additional update that checks all of the valid passes, not just attendance packs, for a member to ensure they can see programming on the day they purchase a package. (appointment, attendance, free trial, on ramp, drop-in)
      • Removed gender from being required when a new member is being added in the admin → add new member
      • Remove gender, birthday, and joined date from the required fields when editing a member in the member's profile in the admin.
      • If an affiliate turned off all of their membership plans for online sale, nothing would show (ie, attendance packs and personal coaching sessions). This has been resolved.
      • When a member was viewing their benchmark workout scores on their profile, the page would crash if the benchmark score for a time based workout did not have a low score setting set.
      • Fixed an error in email and text message sending of processing issue due to invalid error message handling
      • Fixed the Invoice to deposit report for foreign countries.
      • Fixed an issue where expired free trial and on ramp passes were not showing up in the Old plans section of a member's profile
      • When charging a visitor in the store and their card is declined the system was returning a 500. it now returns a correct error message to the user

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