Enduring Coronavirus: Top Business Resource List For Gym Owners

This is a comprehensive list of FREE resources available to gym and studio owners during this critical time. It is updated constantly. If you have a great link, document, or valuable asset for the industry to use, please post it in our facebook user group for gym owners overcoming coronavirus.

Let's come together and help each other make it to the other side of this!

--Updated 4/29/20--

Best Gym Help Resources



Official World Health Organization Site (WHO)

Getting Cash For Your Gym Through the CARES Act 

Key points:

  • Must have been open for business by January 31st, 2020
  • Up to 8 weeks of overhead can be forgiven (payroll, utilities, property costs/rent)
  • Interest rates are 3.75%
  • First month payment can be deferred for up to 12 months.
  • Learn more or Apply here: Small Business Disaster Loan Program (SBA.gov)

The Give Program - Skip the store, get great food delivered, help your local gym.



Join the Gym Owner's Facebook Strategy Group for Enduring & Overcoming Coronavirus. 

Gyms are closing across the country, some involuntarily, and we're bringing like-minds and industry experts together to rise the tides.



The Reopening Checklist from Two Brain Business

Becoming an Online Gym in a Physically Distant World

Physically Distant, Socially Engaged - How To Stay Connected To Your Members

How COVID-19 is Making You A Better Gym Owner

Virtual Programming & At Home Workouts

The Gym & Coronavirus: How Gyms Can Prepare (& Limit Financial Impact)



Additionally, Triib gyms can use Challenges, Online Workout Programming, & In-App Video Content to drive member engagement during this critical time. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Click to learn how to setup Challenges, Online Workouts + Pre-Recorded Fitness Videos in Triib! 


Guides & Templates

These can save you tremendous amounts of time and communicate focused ideas quickly with tactical details and guidance. Download for free and share!

Two Brain Business's Remote Personal Training Plan - [Free PDF]

Survival Playbook For Taking Your Gym Online - [Free PDF]

NCFIT, WTF Gym Talk, & Triib Content Bundle


COVID-19 Gym Webinar Series - FULL LIBRARY

Join industry leaders like CompTrain, NC Fit, WTF Gym Talk, & Active Life Rx to dive into key issues facing the fitness industry right now. From loans to keeping members engaged and future-planning, it's all inside!

How To Create & Distribute Virtual Class Content [shared in above fb group]

Learn to setup, shoot, and distribute video content for your classes. We'll cover easy tips you can deploy now that can elevate your coaches & engage your members. Click the title to register.

How To Setup & Leverage Challenges [shared in above fb group]

Learn to setup, shoot, and distribute video content for your classes. We'll cover easy tips you can deploy now that can elevate your coaches & engage your members. Click the title to register.

Virtual Town Hall - Two Brain Business [recorded]

Comprehensive look at adapting the typical CrossFit or class-based fitness to the new reality.

Trainers Moving Online - Coalition for Health Pros [recorded]

In-depth discussion from 1-on-1 training industry pros.

Adapting Nutrition & Athletic Performance Training Online - Active Life, Justin Sua, EC Synkowski [recorded]



Professional Development Opportunities

The following courses and content are all FREE.

Online Coaching Seminar - Active Life - Limited time (Normally $499) 


Technology For Online Workouts

Some brick & mortar gyms and studios are being forced to move faster than they were ready for due to the spread of coronavirus. It's okay!

We're working to provide the best list of tools for you to deliver virtual fitness to your members without increasing your costs during this sensitive time.

First and foremost consider a look at normally paid providers of online workout programming who may be offering promotions for new signups at low or no cost.

Want to know how to set up Online Programming on your software platform?

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰Click here to chat with one of our specialists!πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ


Prerecorded - Free

Communicate instruction and the workout pointers in a prerecorded video. This doesn't mean that it MUST be more polished then a live version, but it should guarantee it's CLEAR. 

  1. Recording the instruction

  2. Upload to YouTube or Vimeo (See: Reebok HQ Fitness)

  3. Share the link into your Triib Mobile App (or other software) to be watched by members!

It takes only phone and internet connection to do it OK. It takes a better camera and a well lit room to do it pretty good. If you want to go more pro than that, go for it. 

In Gym (and super PRO) example: Urban MVMNT

In Gym (and pretty good): Iron + Mortar

At Home (and pretty good): CrossFit Kanna

Zoom - Free

Many have gravitated towards zoom, mainly because the free account can host up to 40mins of free two-way-streaming with parties of 3 or more. The paid version is only $14.99 to get unlimited time.

Example - Shockoe Bottom Performance



Google Hangouts - Free

Easy to implement but clunky for non-gmail account users. The streaming is two-way, meaning the member can see you and you can see them, but the email account hurdle usually leaves this option for certain communities only.


Facebook Live - Free

Easiest to navigate and get going. It's lightning fast and has fun features like emoji spamming and an organic-feeling Q & A environment. The downside? One way streaming means your audience can see you but you can not see them.

We're always adding to this list so check back soon! 

Have a resource you want to be seen? Send us a note at community@triib.com

Did you know Triib has our own workout library of at home workouts? Search your Workout Library for Triib: At Home Workout and you'll be greeted with over 300+ options!

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